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Lorenzo Antonio (born Lorenzo Antonio Sánchez Pohl October 3, 1969, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, United States), is a singer and songwriter of Latin (Mexican) origin, who is known and recognized in Mexico and Latin America. He was raised in both Mexico and in the United States, and is fluent in both Spanish, and in English. Most of his songs are in Spanish, but he has released songs in English as well.

What a beautiful family, I thought the career of Lorenzo Antonio and his sisters was over, it gives me great pleasure to see that they continue to delight us with their beautiful voices, Blessings to all of you, keep going, you have your like and one more subscriber.

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Lorenzo Antonio and your sisters are a great family and very professional artists I get tears of joy to hear these beautiful songs that God bless them q I carry them in my heartGreetings from Monclova Coahuila Mexico.

I don’t even know how I got to this point but I’ve been listening to these wonderful voices and proudly Mexican, God bless you wherever you are, you are and will be the best forever.

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In the mid 90’s, Lorenzo turned his attention to his sisters, Sparx. They were beginning to gain fame in the U.S. Latin market, and Lorenzo turned his attention to writing songs for them.

In the late 90’s, Lorenzo signed a contract with Fonovisa Records. The albums Lorenzo released during this period were more focused on the Regional Mexican market, and Lorenzo’s sales were among the highest of his career.

Lorenzo Antonio has not only written many of his hits, (“Vamos A Jugar”, “Como Me Gustas”, “Busco Un Amor”, “No Quieren Que Te Quiera”, and others), he also wrote hits for other artists. Some of the most outstanding are: “El Baile De La Gallina”, performed by Tatiana, “Te Amo Te Amo Te Amo Te Amo”, “Los Hijos de Pantaleón”, and “El De Los Ojos Negros”, performed by his sisters, Sparx.

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The financial support that Lorenzo Antonio and his sisters, Sparx, have provided through their foundation has had a considerable impact on the lives of many young people. Many of the recipients of the Sparx and Lorenzo Antonio scholarship have stated that they would never have been able to afford higher education had it not been for the scholarship they received.