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The Cami de Cavalls de Menorca (GR-223) is considered historical heritage of the island and declared of cultural interest by the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands (CAIB). It is a famous path of 185 km that circles the entire island very close to the coast.

It is not possible to establish the exact origin of the Camí de Cavalls, but we know that during the 18th century it was used for military defense purposes, since it allowed the military authority to watch the coasts. It was also used by farmers and its access was completely free for anyone.

Thanks to the law 13/2000 of the Camí de Cavalls, now the CdC (GR-223) is a place frequently visited by hikers and tourists on foot, on horseback or by bike, who enjoy the magnificent views and the fauna and flora of Menorca.

Yes, but there are very complicated stretches and stretches that are simply impossible. If your plan is to cover it all by bike (which is possible), you have to be in good shape as there will be many sections where you will have to carry the bike.

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Camí de Cavalls 360º is the return to Menorca in stages through the GR 223, an ancestral path of 185 km that runs along the Menorcan coast. It is done in self-guided format and in three possible modalities: Hiking, Trail Running and BTT.

Camí de Cavalls 360º runs along the GR 223, a 185 km historical path that goes around Menorca along the coast. It passes through ravines, rocky areas, valleys, torrents, wetlands and cultivated areas; it connects old watchtowers, lighthouses and trenches, and leads to many of the island’s coves. It is, without a doubt, the best way to discover the great natural and patrimonial wealth of the island.

Camí de Cavalls 360º and Epic 360º are environmentally friendly activities that generate economic resources that help the maintenance and conservation of the Camí de Cavalls. The recapture is done in two ways:

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The famous Camino de los Caballos de Menorca, or Camí des Cavalls, is actually a path that runs along the entire island of Menorca for almost 185 kilometers. It arose, in the first place, to cover a defensive necessity and that, at the present time, it has returned to use to harness the tourism of the island.

This Way of the Horses is a very good way to get to know the nature of the island of Menorca.  The name comes from the fact that the watchmen who used to go along these paths to avoid pirate raids or enemy invasions were on horseback.

One of the most interesting and easy routes that you can do in the south of the island is the one that will take you from Son Bou to Es Canutells. On this walk you can enjoy coves, idyllic white sandy beaches, deep ravines, farmland and even some archaeological sites.

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Camí de Cavalls 360º es la vuelta a Menorca por etapas a través del sendero GR 223, un antiguo camino de 185 km de longitud que rodea con precisión la costa menorquina. Se realiza en formato autoguiado y en tres modalidades posibles: Senderismo, Trail Running y BTT.

Cada disciplina ofrece tres versiones diferentes: 360º (recorrido completo), 180º N (mitad norte) o 180º S (mitad sur). También puedes elegir el nivel que más te convenga, en cuanto al número de etapas necesarias para completar el recorrido por Menorca, desde 13 hasta 3.

El Camí de Cavalls 360º discurre por un antiguo camino de 185 km de longitud que rodea Menorca siguiendo su costa. Atraviesa barrancos, zonas rocosas, valles, humedales y zonas de cultivo; conecta antiguas torres de vigilancia, faros y trincheras, y conduce a una gran cantidad de calas y parajes de la isla. Sin duda, es la mejor manera de descubrir la riqueza natural y patrimonial de la isla.

40º Nord es una pequeña empresa inspirada en nuestro amor por la isla y nuestra pasión por el deporte en la naturaleza. Estamos especializados en ofrecer el tour autoguiado Camí de Cavalls 360º. Nos basamos en un servicio personalizado, en el conocimiento de primera mano de Menorca y en el respeto por el medio ambiente y la cultura de la isla. Somos una agencia de viajes con número de registro AV0019ME.

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