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If you played Ocarina of Time in the 90s and nothing made you happier than riding a horse, carrying Epona through Hyrule, you’ll be happy to know that The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is the most equestrian game out there. After playing the initial part of the game, you’ll probably realize that. However, you may not be aware of the extraordinary horses that await you, to catch them, tame them and of course: love them. Besides, you can ride various other non-horse mounts, if you don’t mind getting close to questionable creatures.

Getting your first mount in Breath of the Wild isn’t exactly the biggest challenge in the game, but it’s not as easy as you’d imagine either. It’s definitely harder than winning the horse race in Ocarina of Time.

When you find a horse, to tame it you must press the left stick to go into stealth mode, then approach and grab it. When riding it press the left front button to calm it down. Keep in mind that some horses are too wild to be caught so soon. Those with solid coats, as opposed to spotted or mottled, are generally more difficult to tame. This will be easier once you build up your stamina, although you can cheat a bit by cooking food that boosts it, using ingredients such as Stamella Shroom or Restless Cricket.

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In Zelda Breath of the Wild, we have met good horses, and even learned about the special mounts that exist. But how do we customize our horses to our liking? Surely many have wondered the same thing, and if we want something original, we must learn how to do it. For this reason, it is best to understand how to customize them through the information you will see below.

The first thing we need to know, is where they can be customized, and we will discover it if we unlock the Akkala area, which is located to the Northeast of the map, when we do it we must go to the South Akkala Post. This will be located at the crossroads that we will find after passing the Great Bridge of Akkala, right next to the Shrine of Issuk and the Tower of Akkala.

When we get to the South Akkala Post, we will see Teren, a person who will be at the entrance, and he will tell us that among his services is the change of harnesses, and the mane of the horses. So practically customize, it will not be something difficult.

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You’ll be able to tame horses shortly after you start the game (when you leave the Plateau and head to Kakariko as part of the ‘Talk to Impa’ quest), but it’s worth learning a thing or two to tame them effectively and get those more valuable ones.

Although when you do this the horse will follow pretty much all of your instructions, it may be a bit unruly and need some more training, so when it does something well remember to pet it to increase your affinity.Some horses need more training than others, but the general rule is that you pet it when it does what you ask it to do. You will see a pink mist appear, indicating that the affinity between you is getting stronger and stronger, which increases your horse’s confidence.How to register a horse in the stableWhen you are in a stable, stay mounted on your horse and talk to the Stable Manager at his window. (Remember that you can press ZL again to switch between objectives.) After that you can register your horse and give it the name of your choice. You will need 20 rupees for maintenance, but you only have to pay once, and you also get a saddle and a bridle, so it’s not too bad either.

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Once you leave the plateau, you will find wild horses in different places on the map (the first ones you can see are north of the plateau). In order to get them, you must sneak up on them and when you are next to them press the A button to ride them. If the horse has spots it is a docile horse and if it is of a single color it will be more rebellious, although these can be faster than the first ones.

If the horse is docile, it will get used to you right away and begin to obey you, although there are horses that are very unruly and will make you fall or even give you a kick when you try to get on them. In that case you will have to try again several times until you manage to get him. In any case, once you are on him, you will have to keep taming him so that he always listens to you. To do this, press the L button to pet him when he has responded well to your commands. Every time you get more affinity with him, pink spots will appear around his head to indicate that the friendship between the two of you has increased.

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